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#OP Israel | America | Iran | India | Emirate | Syria | Qatar | Saudia |Free All Muslims|

[#] Hello Government in the world? We are Watching you in Every time, We can Watching what you Doing in Everywhere [#] Hello ? Arab World, Don't worry . Your website not delete anything just Send message Write it [#] Hello INDIA ? It is a Protest against INDIA to Free Kashmir Muslims !
[#] Hello Iran ? Dont worry AL KHILAFAH Will be on the curriculum of Islam Not OF Shia Insha allah !
[#] Hello Israhell? Vive Palestine & Fuck israel, again soon we will kiss all ur Websites for pigs people !
[#] Hello America ? Your dream is to become a Major American & Israel ! Dont worry, This will not become You will stay under the feet of Muslims.
I Know You are Crying Like The Person whose crying Background.

Happy holiday Ad al-Adha (tabaski) To All muslim.

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